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What’s Spookier Than Halloween? Not Having the Right Insurance Protection, That’s What.

Halloween can be spooky and scary, right?

It’s fun as the kids dressed up as Dracula, a zombie, or werewolf march around their neighborhood, getting candy from as many houses as possible.

It’s also make-believe, and even the timidest tot will soon drop some of their fears and get into the swing of things.

But having no insurance, that, I’m afraid, is not make-believe, and the repercussions can create big problems.

I’m not a gloom and doom type of person and will see the positive in almost every situation, but as someone that suffered a devastating house fire, in which we lost everything, I know first-hand why insurance should never be discretionary.

We refer to insurance as “protection” and so it is.

Protection that enables you to move on with your life when something unexpected and tumultuous occurs.

A house fire, auto accident, flood, break-in, or, in the worst of all situations, the death of a loved one.

All are unimaginable, yet at one time or another these can happen to any of us, and the key to handling these situations, is how you move forward.

And that’s what insurance allows you to do.

It allows you to go on with your life with the least amount of disruption to you and your family.

Having peace of mind and security is critical to your mental and emotional wellbeing, and I’d welcome the opportunity to assist you in figuring out the best coverage for your unique circumstances.

Insurance isn’t cookie-cutter. The protection I require might be the same as for you, but then again it might be completely different.

A skilled agent will answer your questions and guide you on what will provide you with the best protection.

Spooky can be fun but being vulnerable and uncovered isn’t spooky, it’s downright scary.

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