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Making Memories at Disney

I did a thing! I went to Disney.

Let me set the stage.

Our group consisted of myself, my partner, my two daughters, and his two sons, three of whom are still in elementary school, and the oldest boy who is about to enter college in the Fall.

The itinerary was packed with visits to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom, and (pro-tip), while we carefully planned the trip, we also left time to be spontaneous and not over-scheduled.

Our goal was to have everyone enjoy themselves and to not have over-tired kids or adults melt down in exhaustion.

It worked. Our days were busy but not ridiculously so, and our time was filled with laughter, thrills, and plenty of Mickey-shaped treats.

We did the rides, marveled at the fireworks, and stayed happy and (almost) patient while waiting in line for the most popular activities.

But what truly made this trip special was creating lasting memories, and witnessing the bond between our children strengthen as they experienced the magic of Disney together.

My partner’s older son was with us in FL to play baseball, and we were fortunate enough to watch his games and cheer him on, making for another cherished memory.

Would I do it all again?

Yes, in a heartbeat.

For me, the true magic of Disney lies not in the attractions or the entertainment, but in the moments shared with those we love most.

My advice, take the time whenever possible to create those memories.

Trust me, I know it can be difficult. The juggle is real but time passes by quickly and before you know it, your little kids are grown and creating their own memories for themselves.

My business owner side says:

  • Plan carefully

  • Delegate wisely

  • Surround yourself with a great team

  • Take actions that can help you to stay healthy (you need energy to juggle!)

  • And when in doubt, or you run out of time, look to outside resources that can help you.

But don’t put it off. Time won’t wait.

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