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Me, Myself and I, and Allstate, Too

I am the proud owner of an Allstate agency, a fulfilling and enjoyable career path that I embarked on in 1999, before purchasing the agency 12 years ago. But that’s not all that I am. In no particular order, I’m also: A single Mom of 2 girls, ages 6 and 8, In a happy long-term relationship, complete with 2 other children, ages 7 and 15, A strong community advocate,

An active volunteer, An avid traveler, A devotee of Peloton and yoga,

A foodie willing to try any new cuisine, A lifelong learner. (Told you I can’t put them in any sort of order!) When people ask me “ what do I do” I pause because I “do” so many things. I know they’re asking about my work, but Christina Shaw is much more than Allstate. I think my personal brand, who I am, and what I stand for, is or should be important to my clients, my business colleagues, and fellow networkers, too.

All of me is what makes me the best that I can be. All of me makes me a better mom, partner, networker, and Allstate agency owner, and that’s true for all of us. We’re multi-faceted, with skills, interests, passions, and beliefs that make up “who we are and what we do.”

My multi-faceted life enables me to empathize with my clients, to listen with an intensity that might not be there if I was one-dimensional.

Let’s have a conversation and find out about our commonalities and where and how our lives and businesses intersect. Through excellent listening and skilled probing, we can quickly get past “what do you do” and that’s a wonderful thing.

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