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How Being a Mom Has Helped Me In Business

Hands down, no debate, I think that some of the best training for my Allstate business has come from being a Mom to my two young daughters.

The similarities are spot-on:

Time Management: Being an agency owner means that I have to juggle a lot of matters and the pace can sometimes be brutal. Still, the momentum at my agency can’t hold a candle to the pace served up by two young girls that are incredibly busy, enthusiastic, and have energy to spare. (Wait, that sounds like me.)

Delegation: The truth is I can’t do it all alone either at work or at home and so I have made it a point to develop the trust and confidence necessary to delegate to others various aspects of my work and my personal life.

Patience: The girls are young and can have their “moments.” Well, truth be told so can the folks in my work circle as well. Being a Mom has taught me that those “moments” are just that, moments, and a little patience goes a long way to make things right.

I feel blessed to be able to have some great work-life integration. It’s not always easy but my family is worth every late night and early morning and besides, I’m better at business because of them.

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