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Why You Should Consider Having a Personal Branding Site

Many people question me about why I have a personal branding site.

They know that I have an Allstate corporate site and after all, selling insurance isn’t very esoteric, is it?

The answer to that is yes but at the end of the day people are also buying Christina Shaw and they want to know who I am and what I stand for.

My personal site allows me to do just that.

My clients can buy Allstate insurance from a vast number of highly qualified brokers, but they won’t get me.

And for many people Christina Shaw makes the difference.

I understand why I can’t post “personal” content on the Allstate site, but it is my “personal” content that allows me to reveal the person behind the agency.

My personal site gives me the freedom to:

Build My Network:

My personal branding website includes information about my family, travel, volunteering, and personal interests. I find that I can bond with people that share the same interests and values, things they might not have learned from the corporate site.

Create a Strong Personal Brand:

Everyone knows Allstate, but I want them to know Christina Shaw too. My personal site allows me showcase my subject matter expertise, but also to poke fun at my Starbucks habit, my big hair, and the trials and tribulations of being a single Mom. I want to have a strong and memorable personal brand that resonates with my clients, networking contacts, and referral partners.

Be Authentic and Real:

Insurance is not the “sexiest” business, but one that gives me tremendous satisfaction. I KNOW I am making a difference in people’s lives and feel blessed that the protection I sell can make a big difference when an unforeseen situation happens. Telling people about insurance doesn’t get attention. Telling people about my own experience with a devastating house fire, or juggling the intricacies of a blended family, or how mindfulness and meditation can help me get through the day, makes me accessible and feel like a friend.

Think about it. Even if you don’t work for a large corporation, you may still want to consider a personal site that includes the parts of your life that can seem out of sync on your business site.

For me, it makes a lot of sense. What are your thoughts?

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