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You Want to Talk About My Hair? What About My Presentation?!

I know, I know. I have big hair. Okay, it’s not exactly like the big hair that was so very popular in the 70’s and 80’s, but big hair, nonetheless, not styled but big because my hair is thick and wavy.

It’s become part of my personal brand and that’s fine with me. My big hair is wash and wear, requires little upkeep, and with juggling a busy Allstate agency coupled with life as a single Mom to two young girls, wash and wear sounds essential!

Let’s just say that I get it if my hair is the first thing you notice when you see my photograph, but if it’s the first thing you mention after seeing me do a presentation, well, I’m not so sure.

I work hard when I do a presentation and I practice until I’m confident, comfortable, and have a good grasp of my material. The value I bring is important to me and I work at it mostly because I don’t ever want to disappoint my audience, and leave them thinking that there could, or should, have been more to the presentation.

So that’s why when someone approaches me after I finish my presentation and the very first thing they say is “great hair” I am slightly disconcerted.

They could have said “awesome presentation,“ or “thank you so much for sharing your expertise,” or “I learned so much from your presentation.” But really, “great hair!” Is that it?

Of course, I have options:

I can pull my hair into a ponytail or bun, or I can straighten it and spend time making certain it is smooth, but I don’t want to do that.

I want to stand there and get recognized for what I know and not how I look. I’m hoping that isn’t too much to ask.

What do you think about that?

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