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You Must Never Get Tired (and Other Such Ridiculousness!)

You must never get tired!


I will agree that I’m energetic, but really, when people ask me these questions I must chuckle:

Do you get tired? Do you ever sleep? Do you ever run out of energy? To all these questions I answer with a resounding yes. I’m human after all and only robots never sleep or get tired.

What I do differently than many people, and what leads to the frequent questions about my stamina is the following:

1. I don’t dwell on being tired or spend too much time complaining about it. I hate the cliche, but it is what it is and even when I am dead-tired I know that sometime soon I will get the rest that I need. Also, complaining about being tired doesn’t get me any closer to rest so why bother! 2. I’m fortunate to be passionate about my work and like most people that love what they do the passion fuels my energy. 3. I believe strongly in life-work integration meaning I make certain to carve out time for me, have fun with my girls, time with my partner and all types of other diversions, including vacations, and all of these serve to keep my enthusiasm high and energy flowing. When everything feels like drudgery, when you dread going to work or for that matter, going home your energy starts to fade. You’ll find that you have insomnia, or the opposite, you may be sleeping too much. If you find that your motivation to do anything isn’t there, it’s time to make a change.

Bottom-line, energy and stamina increase when you love what you do, and all the components of your life are in sync. That should always be the goal.

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