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You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Welcome to my world.

As if things weren’t busy enough, I now find myself having to quarantine. Of course, my girls need to quarantine too and, just to let you know, we are doing just fine. More than fine. Here’s the story and it’s a pretty common tale. When you get divorced or have any type of big change in the family (ex. new baby, a relative moving in with you), new people get added to your life and your children’s lives too. For instance, a new baby might mean a nanny, a relative living with you might bring their friends into your life, and the people that play a part in the life of your ex are now part of your children’s lives. In my opinion, that’s exactly how it should be. Well, it’s how it should be until Covid inserts itself. Then things get complicated. So now with the quarantine I’m working from home, home schooling, home entertaining ourselves, and home just about everything. The positive part of the stress that comes from all of this “from home” stuff is the extra time I get with the girls. It’s frankly fabulous. I get to be a part of their schoolwork and how / what they are learning and not just the homework part .( Me nagging, “hey, did you do your homework?”)

There’s more home cooking and that means we’re eating healthier meals and have more time to linger at the table. I’m even carving out time to read after the girls go to bed.

Our 24/7 togetherness (no time with ANYONE else including their Dad means a re-engineering of my time.

Do I sound like I’m complaining? I don’t mean to because the time I get to spend with the kids is a blessing. It’s all about priorities and how you chose to act and feel. Even though Covid has taken away some of my freedom of choice, they haven’t taken away my positive attitude.

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