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“Ya Never Know” and Why That Attitude Can Serve You Well

I guess you can say that I’m an optimistic person, with a tendency to look for the positive in pretty much any situation.

I’m also pragmatic because I'm a single working Mom, but I digress. Positivity serves me well, at least most of the time.

And “ya never know” do you?

You don’t know if the person you just met can be a good referral source or if

the potential client who is spinning your wheels is truly serious.

We draw quick conclusions based on a myriad of factors, and sometimes our conclusions are just plain incorrect.

I’ve learned to slow down. Sure, I trust my instincts, but I also recognize that I can be wrong simply because I didn’t take the time to better assess the situation.

Here’s what I do now:

I avoid “knee-jerk” reactions like the plague. As soon as I feel one coming on, I take a few deep breaths and table my negative self-talk. Instead, I lean in, instead of back.

When I have a moment, I do my due diligence and research the individual, company, or event before making my final decision. I also check with trusted advisors for their thoughts.

I may give “it” a try and make an appointment for coffee, attend a meeting, or provide more than the smallest amount of time to win them over. Once I do that, I feel that I have the information necessary to draw my conclusions.

I believe in being open-minded, but still, there are some situations that seem so black and white that my opinions stand firm, and I don’t seek additional confirmation.

It’s rare but it does happen because when time is limited, you occasionally must fall back on your instincts.

Still, “ya never know” looms large in my mind.

How about you? Do you make quick assumptions or do you take more time?

No judgements!

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