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Work-life Balance is Different for Everybody

It seems that every other post or article I read has something to say about work-life balance and how best to achieve it. No complaints there because I’m all for learning from others and continuous self-improvement, but personally, I think that work-life balance is very personal and what one person thinks is a well-balanced life, can seem awfully “off” for someone else.

And that’s okay, because our circumstances might differ wildly and bottom-line, what you do works for YOU, and what I do works for ME.

And that’s how it should be, right?

Fundamentally, work-life balance, while different for everyone, still has the same basic precepts that include nurturing both your personal AND professional lives and creating time to accommodate both.

There are many criteria that impacts how you organize your work-life balance and once you take these criteria into account, it’s easy to see why everyone’s idea of balance is different.

Consider these factors:

What stage of life are you in and does it include children living at home, or are you an empty nester?

Are you a single parent or do you have a spouse or partner?

What is your cultural orientation because the beliefs and norms that guide your life choices can impact work-life balance decisions such as working outside the home, running the household, etc.

Are you physically and mentally healthy? Health conditions can impact balance.

Are you in school and do you have to integrate hours dedicated to classes and study?

I think I’ve gotten my point across. We’re all different with lives that can vary wildly.

The one thing that I know is true now and in the future too is that flexibility is imperative regardless of stage of life, cultural orientation, or health.

Everything that is true right now might not be true tomorrow.

My balance” right now has to accommodate two young daughters in elementary school but I know this balance will change as they get older, and their interests develop and change.

We can’t hold on to the past when circumstances clearly show that things have changed and what was once a fine balance can no longer serve your needs NOW.

My major take-away is you must enjoy the ride and if you’re not, then the balance is off, and it is clearly time to change things up.

As always, reach out to me if I can assist in any way.

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