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Why You Should Read

I read a lot.

I read to relax, learn, and escape, and find it quite pleasurable to pass the time curled up with a good book.

My selections are eclectic, and escapist fiction has its place, but so does business books where I can pick up usable tips and ideas to put into practice at my agency.

I travel extensively and reading helps me to feel productive while waiting for my flights, and on the plane as well, and given the travel delays that are so common these days, reading a book keeps me calm, as well.

And yes, I think everyone SHOULD read.

Here’s why:

  • Reading helps you to concentrate and focus and in today’s highly frenetic, media-pulsating world, concentration and focus are in short supply.

  • You can learn new things useful in your personal as well as business life.

  • I know I’ve become a better writer because of reading, and my vocabulary has improved too. Both things help me enormously in business.

  • I think reading helps me to retain information better, helpful in all aspects of my life.

Let’s face it. Reading and writing are stressed in the primary grades, and somewhere along the line, some of us stop doing one or both. I’m glad that I continue to use both skills, and if anything, I’m reading more now than before.

Here’s a short list of some of the books I’ve enjoyed most recently:

Happy reading!

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