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WHY You Should Get to Know Your Insurance Agent

Do you know your insurance agent? I’ve recently come to realize that many people work with an agent for years, even decades, and don’t know the agent at all other than seeing their name on an invoice or on the policy that is tucked away in their file cabinet.

That seems wrong!

As an agency owner, I want my team to know their clients. I’m not trying to suggest we’re all BFFs and call them up Friday afternoon to inquire about their weekend plans, but I know that we have more of an presence than just being a name on a policy.

Getting to know your agent is important for several reasons, including:

· Your insurance coverage is right for you on the day you purchase your policy. Six weeks or six months later, your situation can change and since your agent isn’t a mind reader, it is good to have someone you can call, explain what has changed, and get your policy updated without having to make endless phone calls.

· Your agent can keep you apprised of upcoming product changes that may impact your coverage and advise you on how you should move forward.

· If a situation occurs where you need to use your insurance, such as a flood, theft, fire, or auto accident, having a connection to your agent can help speed things along and can be comforting when you are trying to keep track of your claim. Your agent can be a terrific ally in the process.

Heck, we’re nice people and we always want to do right by our customers. The more we know about you and your circumstances, the better we can help you.

For me, it’s always comforting to put a face and voice to a name. It might be old-fashioned, but it’s the way I want to do business.

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