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Why Owning an Allstate Agency is the Perfect Career for Me

My big hair, a propensity for leopard print dresses, and stilettos can sometimes cause people to typecast me. They think that I work in fashion or merchandising, advertising or entertainment, or in one of those “glamour” careers, and never in their wildest imagination do they think my career is insurance, most decidedly not considered a “glamour” job.

But I have never looked back.

From the moment I started working at Allstate, something just clicked. It was all about the people, and that remains true today, as well.

It’s a special privilege to be able to offer people protection and to be able to help them when something unfortunate happens. I see and speak with people at some of the worst times of their life and I can make it a little better. It is very humbling.

But there’s more. As an Allstate agency owner, I also have the distinct honor to work with, mentor, and nurture a team of terrific employees that share my energy and enthusiasm for helping people.

Building and growing my team is a privilege, and they keep me on my toes and always thinking about how I can add more to their Allstate work experience.

I don’t think that any other profession would suit me as well as my career with Allstate:

· The ability to constantly learn and share that information with clients and my team

· To help people in their darkest hours and see them rise up and reclaim their lives

· To be able to give back to the community

What makes your career perfect for you?

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