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Why I Outsource as Much as I Can

Can you do it all? Me neither, nor am I uncomfortable admitting so.

To cite the obvious, there are “only so many hours in a day” and I have my priorities as to how I spend my time, including:

Being front and center with my 2 daughters

Spending quality time with my partner and our blended family

Running and growing my business in a strategic and effective manner

Self-care and wellness

And while I am interested in pretty much everything that has to do with my business, I know that I can outsource many parts of my business to experts that can execute flawlessly thereby leaving me the time to do the things that I feel I either do best or are most interested in pursuing.

Outsourcing enables me to tap into the specialized expertise that I don’t have and would be too expensive to have in-house in my organization. The professionals I work with have specific experience and knowledge that they deploy on my behalf, and yes, I can sit back and reap the rewards, leaving me time to focus on my core competencies and build my business.

It not only saves me money to outsource but it is much more scalable. When I need more help, I can get it easily enough and when I don’t I am not burdened with excess overhead and the responsibilities and obligations that come when you have employees.

Are there risks associated with outsourcing? Of course, but if you screen and qualify your resources carefully, create open lines of communication and define the parameters of the work, you can curtail the possibility of problems.

I trust my outsourced team, depend on them to do the work they need to do, and I make certain to compensate them well, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

I’m always happy to make introductions to my resources and help you and them develop a good working relationship. Let me know if I can assist you.

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