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Why I Love New York

It’s an interesting situation. New York is a very divisive place, evoking proclamations of undying love and admiration, mixed in with negativity and images of crime, debauchery, and deranged people.

It’s almost like it is either, or.

Well, without a moment’s hesitation, I can tell you that I stand firmly with the folks that love and admire our fair city, and while I don’t live in the city proper, I am but a short train ride away, and if traffic were normal, an even shorter car ride. It’s the best of both worlds.

Going into the city for a meeting, to join someone for dinner, or to avail myself of any of the astounding array of activities found in the city is no big deal deal, and I do it often.

Even my girls like the city and frequently talk about the fun they had when they went to a Broadway show and got to stay in a hotel.

It’s almost impossible to list everything that New York has to offer, but we can certainly include restaurants, theater, music, dance, museums, hockey, baseball, and football, iconic buildings, and a public transportation system that can get you anywhere you want to go in the city.

And let’s also not forget that it’s one of the most diverse cities in the world, for my part, a major plus.

Of course, with such a populous city, there is also crime and dirt, but as someone that has traveled extensively, I’ve seen crime and dirt in much smaller cities around the world.

There’s an energy in the air, and I think that people who live here are passionate and positive about their choice be a New Yorker. They know that New Yorkers put up with a lot, but we get a lot as well.

Its’ not a ho-him type of city, and for that I am thankful because I don’t see myself as a ho-hum type of person.

There are beautiful places that are much quieter and easy to live in but for me, New York has my heart.

What about you? Love it, hate it, or a bit of both?

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