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Why Having a Personal Brand is Important in a Highly Competitive Business

Right now, I bet you might be thinking something like, “what’s Shaw doing writing about branding. That’s not her business,” and you’re right, it’s not MY business but I know it’s important FOR my business.

It might be important for your business as well.

Allstate is an enormous company with approximately 10,000 agents spread out across the country, and often there are multiple agencies in the same community. While I believe that there is enough business to go around, I also believe that it is important to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Given that all of us are selling Allstate products, we need to be creative in how we stand apart and present ourselves, not the agency per se, but OURSELVES.

Hence, I focus on developing my personal brand.

I think I’ve always done this, well before we even used the term “personal brand.” For me, it was always about personal reputation and it still is. What people say about me when I’m not in the room is very important and I work hard to make certain that my brand (aka reputation) is first rate.

Let me put it right out there on the table….my “hair” isn’t my personal brand. Sure, it’s noticeable and recognizable, but I like to think my personal brand is much more:

· My energy, enthusiasm, and apparent love for what I do

· My community-mindedness

· My passion for being a Mom

· The people I surround myself with

· My social media presence and what I stand for

These things are all more important than my hair and are what makes me, me, and help to set me apart from my Allstate friends.

So, do you have a personal brand? The longer I’m in business, the more I think it is important and so the more I work towards solidifying my personal brand, for instance, through this website.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing and if I can answer any questions. I’m not an expert, but then again, what I’m doing is working for me. Maybe it can work for you as well.

PS #I’mwithshaw is my hashtag. Have you thought about yours?!!!

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