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Where the Heck Did My Luggage Go?

I love to travel.

Whether by car, train, or plane, having the opportunity to visit a new city or country is pure bliss for me. In my mind, there’s little better than new sights, sounds, smells, food, and cultures to explore.

I also “dot my I’s and cross my t’s” so that some of the “mishaps” of travel won’t be too much of a burden, because the truth is, they come with the territory.

Planes get delayed or cancelled, hotels can mix up your reservation, and your luggage or personal items can be lost or stolen, whether from your car, at the airport, or from your hotel room.

While it is most assuredly an unfortunate situation and inconvenience, it should not cause you financial harm, and that’s where off-premises coverage will protect you and more than pay for itself.

Of course, it helps to be savvy and be aware of vulnerable situations.

Parking your rental car on a side street with your luggage piled on the back seat is asking for trouble.

Putting your suitcase on a bench at the airport while you go for a much-needed container of coffee, might not be a good idea.

And then again, no one expected the debacle at multiple airports when Southwest cancelled a high percentage of their flights and hundreds of pieces of checked luggage were piled randomly in baggage claim.

The plain truth is “you never know” and insurance should be in place for all these not probably, but highly possible, situations.

You hope you never have a car accident but auto insurance is a must. Same is true for homeowners insurance, and now with more and more people returning to travel, off-premises coverage is more than a good idea. It should be considered imperative for those that travel with any degree of frequency.

Replacing lost items can be costly. Give me a call to discuss your coverages, and I can let you know if this type of insurance makes sense for your situation.

If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know that as well.

Happy travels!

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