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Tis the Season to be Generous

We’re in the thick of it now, aren’t we? The retailers are clamoring for our attention and money and the “Black Friday” specials seem to be never-ending.

It can get overwhelming and to tell you the truth, I’m kind of over it. It’s disturbing that a wonderful holiday season becomes so tied to mass consumerism. For me, it’s much more about being with friends and family sharing time, affection, and building memories that will last forever.

This is also the time to be generous. When I say “generous,” people sometimes roll their eyes, automatically assuming generosity must equate to a dollar sign. Not so fast, generosity is so much more than that.

Be generous with your time

Everyone is busy, some more so than others and I’m always amazed that the people that seem to be able to take the time to volunteer, visit with friends, mentor a team member or a person starting out in their field, are often the busiest people of all. Is it excellent time management? Perhaps, but I also think it is their generous nature that makes them eager to embrace these activities.

Generous with your “stuff

How many of us have clothes that we don’t wear anymore but are taking up room in our closets, or old household gadgets that we have long since replaced but still piled on our shelves or in our basement or attic. These things can be put to very good use by others. Check out the Buy Nothing Project ( and make it a point to take an inventory of your “stuff” and donate what you don’t want or use.

Generous with your appreciation

Handwritten notes are a beautiful way to show your appreciation for someone in your life. Keep a stack of them on your desk and make it a point to send a few per week. Get into this “let me thank you’ habit and you’ll find yourself building stronger and deeper relationships.

None of these costs anything, at least monetarily, but all these actions represent your generosity of spirit and that’s what is most important. Do you agree?

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