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This Remote Work Thing Isn’t So Bad After All

March 13th, 2020, a date that will be marked forever in the history books, when our lives were upended, everyone but essential workers was told to “stay home” and all of a sudden, the bedroom, kitchen or in some extreme circumstances, the bathroom, became our de facto office.

For those of us with children, we added “educator” to our list of responsibilities, and, while the kids tried to adjust to life on Zoom, so were we! It would be an understatement to say that it was a learning experience for all.

Well, we’ve learned, and now, 5 months later, we’re still making sense of what everyone is calling “the new normal.” Most of us have tried to set up a pretty acceptable workspace and have established boundaries with the children. We’re no longer binge eating, work is getting done, and in some cases, done even more efficiently and effectively than before.

I’m fully aware that some jobs cannot be done on a Zoom call and being “in-person” is required. But speaking for myself and since I can communicate via phone, text, and email with my clients and business contacts from my home office just as easily as from my “real” office, this remote work life has been extremely positive.

Here are some other aspects of remote work that I fully appreciate:

I have more time

Before Covid19 changed the way I do my work, there were days where I would find myself spending an excessive amount of time driving or taking the train from one meeting to another, and while I love getting together in-person, I now recognize how much time I wasted commuting. Now, I sit down at my computer, log into the Zoom meeting, and there is no lost time, which leads me to my next remote working benefit.

I have more quality time with my kids

Like most parents, I love my children and I must say that I am putting the hours that I would have been in my car or on the train to good use and by that I mean, I get to spend more quality time with my girls. This “extra” time which I never had before the pandemic has been precious ,and since I know these years when they are young go by so quickly, I am relishing every minute.

I’m connecting with MORE people

It’s easy for me to see and speak with more people per day when I don’t have to travel to do so. I find that I am giving and getting more referrals and introductions and business has never been better.

I realize that I am extremely blessed to have a home that can accommodate a comfortable working environment and I also know that when circumstances change, I may have to return to the “old” ways. But I think not. Right now, I think that working remotely is always going to be a part of my professional life, and from what I am hearing, I’m not alone. I’m just sorry that it took a pandemic to show me the way.

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