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The Importance of Having a Supportive Partner When You’re Running a Busy Business

It makes total sense that when you’re a busy professional, it helps to have everything else running smoothly. We all know that’s a tall order especially when you have kids and then all bets are off, but for me, having a supportive partner makes EVERYTHING better.

A supportive partner knows:

· There will be days when you’re “up” and days when you’re down

· The kids that you’re passionately in love with will occasionally try your patience

· That while your work fulfills you some days it can be stressful and all-consuming

· That you may have to be pushed to acknowledge the need for self-care

· That although you are strong, you want someone to hold you up when you’re feeling weak

Regardless of gender, being a supportive partner means that you don’t let your ego get in the way of your relationship, and you recognize that you’re stronger and better as a couple than you are as an individual. Saying that doesn’t mean you don’t cherish and hold dear your individuality, however, it means you can honestly refer to your partner as “my other half.”

As a single Mom, I certainly have my good days and bad ones, too. I love my days (and nights) when the girls are with their Dad and I can be alone without anyone else to focus on but myself. With that being said, I also know that if my solitary days were all that I had, I’d be very lonely indeed.

My Allstate business is always busy, and I have to make certain that everything is running smoothly. My team is extraordinary and keeps everything in order, but still, as the agency owner, the buck stops with me.

That’s fine, more than fine, because I have the best team to keep my business running smoothly and I have the best partner, to always keep me smiling and motivated to be my best self.

I am blessed.

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