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The Best Time to Renew Your Insurance Is Now. Here's Why.

Are you a stickler for making certain that your insurance coverage is up to date? You should be.

There’s no telling when an unforeseen event will happen. (If that was the case, we’d have advance warning for everything from a hurricane to a household break-in!)

Two examples:

The jewelry rider you kept meaning to purchase but hadn’t gotten around to doing so, and uh-oh, you lost the incredible ring you got for your anniversary.

You haven’t found the time to buy an umbrella policy because your requirements and circumstances have changed. The problem is you just had an auto accident.

Because our lives and needs keep changing, you should make it a point to review your insurance regularly.

We do yearly reviews with our clients but encourage them to reach out to us with questions at any time because their new situation may impact their existing coverage.

When the unthinkable happens:

5 years ago, my home was destroyed in a fire. We lost everything and while it was a life-altering event, my girls and I were able to carry on because we had adequate insurance that enabled us to settle into a temporary home while we rebuilt.

It wasn’t easy but some of the stress was eliminated by knowing our insurance was taking care of many of our needs.

Fires, car accidents, break-ins, and other such occurrences are disruptive and stressful. Your insurance can help, but only if you have the right coverage.

Is today a good day for you to look at your current coverages?

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