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Taking a Much-Needed Break with My Girls

Sometimes, amidst the chaos of work and responsibilities, I find it's essential to hit the pause button and take time off, and so, at the end of this month I’ve planned a short trip to Florida with my daughters. We’re going to meet up with a good friend and fellow Allstate agent and her daughter, and we plan to have fun and make beautiful memories together.

All work and no play never did anyone any good and certainly not this very busy single mom.

Running my agency and being a Mom are fulfilling, but you know, there are times when doing both can be overwhelming.

And so, we are going to escape.

Trips with the girls are great bonding experiences.

The VRBO offers a new environment in which we can get closer and laugh long and hard. New sights and scenes help to open their eyes and I find that life lessons are some of the most lasting.

The joy of sharing this experience with my colleague-turned-friend is unparalleled. We will exchange stories, laughter, and parenting tips while enjoying the beauty of the moment.

investing in time away, or a staycation, can enrich our lives in unexpected ways. I know that armed with beautiful memories and renewed energy, I will be ready to dive back into work.

I can’t wait.

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