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Take Time Out to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Life can throw you some curve balls. Small ones (you need a new set of tires) and large ones too (a global Pandemic shuts down the world)!

If nothing else, this year has shown us that we must attempt to develop the stamina and fortitude to be able to move forward when there is adversity. Faith, friends, family, and grit are the bedrock that enables us to do so successfully.

And then too, we must also allow ourselves the time to indulge in pleasurable pursuits wherever we might find them. Creative activities such as painting, writing, sculpture and ceramics, exercise, hiking, or cooking, there’s no end to what one can do to find enjoyment.

That’s the beautiful thing about it, it’s personal and it’s YOUR time!

And here we are at the holidays. I know there are folks that have mixed feelings about this time of year, but in my humble opinion I think there can be something in it for everyone.

The key is to take the time to find out what might bring you joy at this time of year and then do it.

· Host a small gathering of friends or family at your house,

· Take a short trip by yourself or with others to a destination you’ve always wanted to go

· Volunteer at a soup kitchen and help others,

· Stay home, get cozy on your sofa, and read the book you’ve been meaning to read.

The possibilities are endless and if your Plan A falls apart, there’s always

Plan B. Believe me, I’ve had that happen to me, too.

The key is to enjoy the moments, whether they are big or small. Happy holidays.

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