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Social Get Togethers Are For Fun And Business.

Mixing business with pleasure? Sign me up!

I’m a social person, an extrovert by nature and I enjoy social gatherings, Including those that are “labeled” business.

Let me break it down this way.

Get togethers are comprised of “people” regardless of whether they are social or business.

Sharing a meal or cocktails, engaging in fun activities such as a concert or sports event are “social” but what if the people attending are your business contacts?

How then do you designate the event? Is it social or business?

This is where it can get complicated.

More times than not, I don’t make a distinction. Of course, there are events and get-togethers that are more personal than others, especially when my family is involved.

There’s no talk of business, and fun is the name of the game.

But my social get togethers comprised of my business contacts are also fun, not better, not worse, and still, at their core, fun.

From my point of view, it’s mostly about how you approach the get-together. Will you be tense and uptight? Well, that hardly sounds like any social event in which I would want to partake.

I love to spend time with my business contacts, where we can relax and get to know one another on a new level.

It deepens the relationship and helps to make our business conversations more robust too.

I know there are some individuals that maintain a strict divide, but not me.

Social is fun and good for business too!

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