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Showing Appreciation is Part of my Job

I don’t think you’ll ever see “must be able to show appreciation” on anyone’s job description.

Perhaps, it should be. I know that it’s on my description, and it’s an increasingly more important part of my job responsibilities as an agency owner.

  • Appreciation for my clients

  • Appreciation for my team

  • Appreciation for my referral sources

  • Appreciation for my trusted advisors and resources

The plain truth is that I couldn’t do it without them, and never for a moment do I think that I could, for in my mind, I believe the “going it alone” mentality is a recipe for disaster.

Appreciation can take many forms, and it does in my life, from Starbucks gift cards, thank you notes, copies of books that I think are worthy of sharing, happy hours, complimentary head shots and holiday pictures, lunch brought into the office, and so much more.

If you’re thinking this is a road you’d like to travel, I’d love to chat with you and brainstorm some ideas. After all, showing appreciation is never going to end, and I’d love to find out what you’re doing or plan to do.

Let’s connect and as I always say, I appreciate you.

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