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Shared Wisdom

Shared Wisdom – it’s a good title, isn’t it. I like the tagline too: Tips From Business Experts on How YOU Can Achieve Success.

I’m one of the authors and I’m proud of what we produced together.

As you can probably tell from the tagline, the book is a compilation of chapters written by experts in a diversity of industries.

The commonality is that we “walk the talk” or put another way, we’re on the frontline of what we have shared.

Presentation effectiveness, written communication, leadership, sales, and more (there are 12 chapters in all), we touch on topics close to the heart of entrepreneurs and owners of SMBs.

As for me, I reveal a more personal story, how I came back from adversity, a house fire that destroyed my home, and a divorce, that took place almost simultaneously.

The act of writing a book requires discipline. There are deadlines to meet, and with a compilation, joint decisions to be made (ex. cover art, who is going to write the forward, etc.).

I think we handled all this quite well, with just a few delays along the way. (Our editor might feel differently!)

The result is a useful and practical book. In my humble opinion, we did a great job.

Would anyone like a copy? I’d be happy to send a book to the first 15 people that send me a direct message.

By the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my fellow authors, editor, and publisher, so here goes:

Diane DiResta, Arthur D. Ettinger, Mike Greenly, Robert Intelisano, Stephanie Larkin, Howie Mann, Scott Mason, Adrian Miller, Jeri Quinn, Edie Reinhardt, and Sue Toth.

The book was published by Red Penguin Books and edited by Sue Toth.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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