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Selling Something That Isn’t Sexy Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Fun

Let me start by reminding people that I own an Allstate Agency. Yes, insurance, and rarely (okay, never) have I heard someone describe our industry as “sexy.”

In my mind, “sexy” industries are entertainment, travel, and hospitality. I know they come with their own “challenges” but the idea of organizing a trip to Bali, or producing a movie seems pretty darn special.

Insurance is necessary and an important part of “adulting” and I admit to loving what I do. I guess it’s the fact that I help people by making certain they are protected, as well as help them when anything unforeseen occurs, that I find fulfilling.

But this is about “fun” so let me tell you the fun parts of being an Allstate agency owner:

Keeping my team energized, happy, and engaged in their work one of the most “fun” things that I do. It’s fun to come up with different initiatives and incentives designed to help my wonderful team stay as enthusiastic as they are. I get to use my imagination and develop ideas that are enjoyable to execute.

Marketing the agency and making certain that we are recognized in the marketplace is great fun. I know that the Allstate brand is strong, however, I want to make certain that the Christina Shaw Agency is recognizable as well. To that end, I spend a considerable amount of time engaged in personal branding and marketing initiatives and I absolutely love it.

As a single Mom I want my girls to know about my work and it is fun to bring them into the office and let them see what goes on day-to-day. They find the visits enjoyable as well, and I feel they have a good perspective on the importance of work and having a career.

Networking and connecting with the business marketplace are a big part of what I do and lucky for me I enjoy it immensely. Creating events and doing webinars and programs for individuals and companies means that we can add value to our business partners and strengthen our relationships, both fun, for sure.

I wouldn’t mind stepping into the shoes of the media mogul (probably Manolo Blahniks!), but just for a day or two.

I’m having too much fun and getting too much satisfaction from my decidedly non-sexy business!

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