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Self-Care is Different for Everyone

I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I am a strong proponent of self-care. For me, it’s a MUST, and I build in time each day to accommodate some type of exercise and meditation because those are what work for me.

But do they work for YOU? Perhaps not.

As a single Mom and an Allstate agency owner, my days are packed from morning till night filled with responsibilities that fall on my shoulders and my shoulders alone. I delegate when I can, but the truth is, many tasks cannot be given to someone else to do. The days can be chaotic and because of that, I am 100% dedicated to self-care, knowing full well that I won’t be good for anyone else, if I’m not taking care of ME.

Our email inboxes and social media feeds are filled with articles and posts on self-care, many with different points of view. I’m not a health and wellness expert, but in this area as in most, I believe that you should “do what works for you.” Self-care is personal (that word “self,” ya know), and my approach to my self-care may be perfect for me, but it may not work for you.

You have to find your way and with a little trial and error, it’s entirely possible to develop a personal self-care routine that soothes, nurtures and fulfills you rather than stress you out.

For me, I MUST build in time for exercise (walking, running, weights) and of course, time on my Peloton. (Like so many others, I have found it to be addicting.) I also have a daily meditation practice that helps me to get and stay grounded and calm regardless of what comes my way during the day.

I’m also a huge believer in nurturing my relationships and it is equally important to my self-care to see my friends as well as spend quality time with my partner.

These activities aren’t discretionary, they are must-do’s and I work hard to incorporate them into my life. I might miss a run one day or have to cut short my meditation, but I’m very conscious of doing so and make an extra effort to ensure that it doesn’t happen too frequently.

I have colleagues that find my self-care laughable. For them, making certain that they have an hour every day to curl up with a good book is tops on their list, for others, binge-watching something on Netflix is their favorite self-care, and for others, it’s indulging in something creative, like painting, writing, or playing music.

It’s all good IF IT WORKS FOR YOU!

Don’t let anyone dictate what you should be doing or feeling. Find your own path to that state of contentment and peace and don’t force yourself to do things that don’t feel right. To me, that seems counterintuitive.

We’re all unique so you do you!

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