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Saving Money is Smart!

No matter what your financial situation I would venture to say that most people like the idea of saving money even if they can easily afford the “original” price.

If that wasn’t the case Black Friday, one-day sales and pre- and post-holiday savings would not be such a thing.

In my line of business, there are many different ways our customers can save money and they’re rather easy to do. It might not be as great as 50% off a new pair of shoes or terrific savings on something you need for your home, but saving a few bucks here and there makes good financial sense, no matter what.

Take a look and see if you can put these to work for you:

Many people have a very low deductible on their home insurance and the reality is that by increasing the deductible you can save money. The increase can be as little as $500, and you’ll find that you can still save money on your deductible.

Does saving 8-10% on your auto insurance seem like a no-brainer? I thought so! All you need to do is take the Defensive Driving class and watch your insurance rate decrease. And, if time and convenience are two of your main motivators, the class is being given on Zoom during the pandemic.

How many miles do you drive per year? If you drive less than 15,000 miles per year and typically drive under 80MPH (and sure hope you do!), the Allstate DRIVEWISE discount can save you money on your premium by “rewarding” your safe driving behavior. Connect with me to discuss the DRIVEWISE program, and personally, I think the DRIVEWISE program is a fantastic deal.

Do you have your different insurance policies written by multiple companies? By combining your different policies (auto/property, auto/life insurance), you will be eligible for substantial savings. We actively encourage our clients to consider this easy way to save money.

Here are a few additional ways to save money on your insurance:

· Maintain good credit

· Pay in full

· Schedule a yearly review with your insurance agent to ensure you’re taking advantage of all of the possible discounts available to you

Insurance might not be a “sexy” purchase however, it is a necessity of life. Why not have the best protection and save some money too?

Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.

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