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Productivity Tips Are Personal! Don’t Take Any as the Gospel Truth

· Wake up early and start working immediately.

· Start your day with yoga.

· Take short breaks throughout the day.

· Use time blocking.

· Don’t check your email more than once or twice a day.

· Stay on top of your email.

Just like you I’ve heard my fair share of these suggestions as well as other productivity tips that are “guaranteed” to help me operate at the top of my game.

My concern is that these “tips” are personal. I get it that some people hit the ground running at the break of dawn while others linger over a cup or two of coffee before getting to their desk.

It doesn’t make either one right or wrong and, in my opinion, it’s strictly a matter of what works best for YOU. And while I know that you can create a new habit in 21 days, that new habit might not be better than what you were doing before.

The most important thing is to not BS yourself if something isn’t working. It’s okay to admit that the road you’re on is no longer getting you to your destination and it is time to try another road. But if at the end of the day what you are doing WORKS, then why fuss with it. Accept success!

There are articles, books or videos that claim to teach you ways to be more productive. I find them to be beneficial and can always take away a useful tip or two.

But I have my ways and they work. They might not be your way, but, that’s okay. Again, the operative words here are THEY WORK.

We’re all given the same 24 hours each day. Some people tend to regularly get a tremendous amount accomplished; others, not so much. Evaluate the following:

Do you have a plan for what you wish to accomplish each day? Do you regularly complete your list, or do you frequently have things that are carried over to the next day, week, or month?

Do you feel overwhelmed about how much you have to do and does your workload tend to make you hyper-productive and efficient, or do you get overwhelmed and find yourself incapable of starting or finishing your deliverables?

Do you have habits that help you to be productive?

Again, what works for me might not work for you, but I’d be happy to share my habits. As a single working Mom of two young girls seeking to keep ALL of my balls in the air, I have a few ideas that might work for you as well.

Connect with me if I can help.

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