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Pick Your Battles

It’s a fact that not all “situations” carry the same weight or have the same consequences, and this is equally as true at home as well as at work. With that being said, pick your battles has always been a strategy that has served me well. For instance, if one of my girls decides she wants to wear her favorite new rain boots on a bright and sunny day I don’t waste time debating with her and let her don her boots and go proudly off to school. Conversely, if she refuses to do something that could potentially harm her in any way, you can be certain that would result in a battle that I’d fight to the finish.

It’s all about priorities and options.

Sometimes we can get stubborn and dig in our heels on something that is just not that important. But being stubborn takes energy and if the situation doesn’t warrant it, then that’s stamina that could be applied to something else.

The same holds true at work. There are situations where I must “let go.” They’re not impacting our clients, internal team, or the quality of the work that we provide.

These quirky circumstances could prompt some discord but why bother. It’s not hurting anyone and so I will let it be.

I go into full battle mode when the situation:

· Has the potential to cause harm

· Will impact my reputation or the reputation of someone I care about

· Will take more time than planned for

· Will compromise the quality of business I strive to provide

· Is unethical

Sometimes the battle isn’t worth it and when you’re done you don’t feel any satisfaction, but sometimes it is and then you have to get into gear.

So, don’t expect me to push, poke, and prod at my girls to dress a certain way. It’s a battle I don’t wish to engage in, but when it comes to the “big stuff,” call me General Shaw.

(Boots and a tank top....sure!!!!)

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