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Oh No, Not Again.

Oh no, not again!

You say these words in many different situations.

· When you break a plate

· Forget an appointment.

· Wake up in the middle of the night

· Have the “same” argument

You know, those kinds of things.

You also say these words when it’s time for your insurance to be renewed.

Not because you don’t need or want the insurance, but because you assume you’ll get an automatic rate increase.

So, with that in mind, let me say it as clearly as possible, I do not automatically raise your rates upon renewal.

Not at all.

Here’s what I do:

I make sure you’re maximizing every discount on your policy.

I determine if it is possible for you to pay less, and still have the right protection for your needs. Circumstances change and you might not need some of the coverage you have.

Of course, some changes may mean that we also need to tweak your coverage to ensure the least risk possible and that’s where an increase might occur.

Mind you, if there is no change at all, if everything is status quo, your premium will stay the same.

Sound good?

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