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Nobody Wants to Discuss It, BUT September is Life Insurance Month

It’s September and school has started, fall sports are in full swing, plans are being made for Halloween and Thanksgiving gatherings, and we’re in the throes of what I think is one of the most fun seasons of all. (Truth be told, I like all the seasons!)

Somewhere, within all this excitement about upcoming holidays and the school year unfolding before us, there is something else that gets much less attention, but is perhaps, much more important than anything else.

September is also Life Insurance Month, not a celebration, but something designed to bring recognition to the way we can, and should, protect our loved ones.

No one wants to talk about life insurance because that means you must also talk about dying, but ignore it as most will, none of us will live forever. All of us will leave this earth, and your unique circumstances will help guide you to the type of coverage you should consider.

Life insurance is a cushion for your family and will help them with expenses and financial burdens at a point in time when they are grieving and coming to terms with the loss.

At this vulnerable time, it is difficult to start thinking about paying the mortgage, covering the cost of school, and handling the myriad of expenses that we deal with in our “everyday” life.

Life insurance enables those left behind to get back on their feet after loss and it is one of the most policies we write in our agency.

Please understand that when I ask you about life insurance, I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, but hoping to guide you to see how important it is to have this type of protection for your family.

Perhaps if there was more hullabaloo about it being Life Insurance Month my job would be easier, but easy or difficult, I’m getting the word out there for all to consider.

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