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My Customers Tell Me...

If you know me, you know that I don’t like to tell anyone how fantastic I am. It’s awfully self-serving, and I imagine it also prompts skepticism too.

When networking I’m keen to share information about myself, and of course, provide education on insurance, but put a spotlight over my head and I get a little shy.

I know that sounds funny coming from someone who shows up on all the social media platforms multiple times a day, but honestly, it’s true.

The fact is I’d rather that my laurels be cited by other people rather than by myself.

I’ve found that Google reviews and recommendations on LinkedIn are very helpful, and I’ve had many clients mention that they reached out to me because of the reviews.

As for LinkedIn, this is where my referral partners are, and so my recommendations help to establish my credibility with them.

People work with people they trust, and reviews and recommendations start the process.

If this all sounds good to you, then here are the next (easy!) steps:

Ask your clients to do a Google review. Go one step further and send them the link so all they need to do is click and write. I often like to send requests in a short video that I record on my phone. It takes about 30 seconds, it’s more personal and I get a better response.

Reach out to your existing referral sources and request a LinkedIn recommendation. Better yet, do a recommendation for them, and ask for one in return.

Building your credibility through the words of others has an impact. Start now.

Don’t overlook this important marketing step.

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