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Making Memories

How often do you think back to a specific event from your past and your face lights up with a smile?

Perhaps it was a vacation with your family or seeing a Broadway play for the very first time. It could be as simple as hanging out in the kitchen with your mother or Father as they baked cookies (with your help, of course), or a holiday tradition that still makes you laugh out loud.

I love the idea of creating memories with my girls, and I plan activities that I think they’ll remember, hopefully, forever. And, while I know they like the “big” things like travel and spending nights in a hotel room, they are also tickled and appreciative of pizza night at the kitchen counter, and girl’s night painting our nails.

I believe it is all about being in the moment. We spend so much of our time multi-tasking and trying to successfully juggle the demands of work with our responsibilities as parents.

Creating memories when we can be IN THE MOMENT and without a phone to steal our attention can be difficult to accomplish ,but I try very hard to not mar their memories with a vision of Mom in the background clutching her phone to her ear.

The best memories are when there is time shared and attention lavished, and it really doesn’t matter where you are.

I know my girls are happier at home with me giving them my undivided attention, rather than at some great resort where I am tied to my phone with a work problem. I bet yours are too.

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