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Keeping Our Core Values Intact While Growing the Agency

Hello great resignation, hello core values.

These two phrases currently appear in many of the same articles and social media posts as people grapple with finding a better life-work balance. Many say that the core values presented by their firm, such as communication and integrity, did not translate to employees, and so they left in search of something that was more intrinsically satisfying.

Core values, the fundamental guiding principles that are the foundation of a company, should not be discretionary but rather mandatory for everyone in the organization.

I think that we do this very well at the Shaw Agency and continue to lean on these principles as we grow our agency.

Our team knows what’s important when they join the Agency, and they can see and hear their coworkers walk the talk of our core values. These values guide our day-to-day activities and how we relate to our external customers, as well as how we relate to each other. We go “one-step further.”

1. We develop raving fans through superb customer service (“One-step further”)

2. We are generous with our time and willingness to see situations through to resolution service (“One-step further”)

3. We treat external and internal customers with courtesy and professionalism service (“One-step further”)

4. We educate our customers and each other, and believe that sharing knowledge helps everyone do a better job service (“One-step further”)

5. We operate at the highest level of integrity and honesty service (“One-step further”)

Nothing undermines a company’s reputation faster than when an individual operates contrary to the values established by the company. This is true for global brands and small companies alike and it is heartbreaking when it occurs.

Allstate ‘s tagline is You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.

We live and breathe that concept at the Shaw Agency knowing full well that our customers want comfort, security, and protection, and we endeavor to satisfy their wants and needs.

I believe that we always see how and where we can go “one-step further” in satisfying our customers, “one-step further” in helping a co-worker, and “one-step further” in building ties with the community.

Can we assist you?

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