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It's Time for Summer Delights

I know it took forever, but it’s finally summer and I am jumping for joy.

Literally, jumping in the air. Don’t believe me, look at the photo.

The truth is I like all the seasons, from curling up on a cold day and watching Netflix as the snow falls outside, to apple picking with my girls in the fall, and acknowledging start of spring by planting flowers in the yard.

But summer has my heart.

Living near the beach gives me many opportunities to take advantage of the season. Whether I’m running by the water, meditating on the sand, or my favorite, eating dinner on the beach with the girls, it seems that everything that I can do with the sound of the waves in my ears is as good as it gets.

Summer in the Northeast can get very hot, and the early morning is my favorite time of day. Up before anyone else has stirred, I enjoy watering the plants in the garden with my coffee cup in my hand.

It’s serene and a fabulous way to start my day.

We’ve also started a great summer tradition and for the third year I will spend a week in Rhode Island with my girls, exploring the sights and enjoying each other’s company. We’re all looking forward to the trip.

My life is busy, but summer makes me slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

Dinners outside, picnics, barbeques, long walks, bike rides and taking advantage of these months when the weather is gentle forces me to be more relaxed too.

How about you? What are you doing in the summer? Vacation or staycation, I hope you have a terrific time.

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