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It’s Important to Take an Occasional Reality Check

I’m busy, and one thing that’s for certain is the days go by too quickly. 6AM turns into 10PM in a snap, and there’s still more to get done.

The “routine” can be relentless, but I don’t let it be so because I do regular “reality checks” to help me maintain my focus and balance.

If I didn’t check in with myself I fear that I might make some less than optimal decisions and start to feel stressed.

I can get absorbed in my own thoughts, beliefs, and the pace at which I run my days can leave little time to consider other ways and options. Taking a step back allows me to reevaluate what I’m doing and reset if resetting is required.

When I am running at warp speed my self-awareness is less fine-tuned, my strengths can get compromised and my weaknesses come more into play. A reality check enables me to stop, make necessary adjustments and get back on the right track. It’s easy to go off the rails when you’re going so fast.

My self-care is important, and I can only go for so long without returning to my yoga mat or riding the Peloton, however I discovered that without having the accountability that comes with working with a personal trainer, I was able to fool myself and believe that I was doing what I needed to do, but of course the days passed by, and the Peloton and mat got dusty from lack of use.

Once again, a reality check to the rescue because who was I fooling, my self-care was negligible, and I was fooling myself into believing I was staying the course.

There seems to be an epidemic of “kidding ourselves” and the busier we are, the more we wear blinders. And so, for me the periodic reality check isn’t discretionary, it’s a necessity to help me be a better mom, partner, business owner, and friend.

How do you stay the course?

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