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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Holidays

I guess I’m a bit late to the party but then again, it’s STILL December, isn’t it?!

Heck, even if you’re reading this in January the sentiments are the same, namely, it’s okay to just chill!

I know that all of us are rushing around trying to integrate our professional and personal lives, dropping a ball here or there, but basically getting it done.

And that’s great but don’t you crave being lazy and unproductive every once in a while?

I do.

I think we tend to cast a negative eye when someone says that they’ve done nothing that day or relaxed in their PJs for the entire morning.

It’s like we get a merit badge if we are always doing something “important,” kind of like, “oh yeah, I baked 10 dozen holiday cookies, while proofreading a proposal, doing year-end reviews, and sending out holiday cards to my family.

So, I confess:

· I’m mostly busy but I cherish and enjoy my down time too

· I don’t want to be a whirling dervish in 2021 and instead, savor every single moment even if it takes more time

· I want to turn more “regular” days into holidays, even if the rest of the world isn’t celebrating

I think we need to be gentler with ourselves. The bar doesn’t always have to be so high, just high enough for ourselves.

And yes, it’s beginning to look like the holidays. My house is nicely decorated, and the girls are very excited about their break from school. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, kicking off my shoes and curling up on the sofa.

Sure, I’ll not let too much time go by without a ride on the Peloton and, of course, my customers are always being taken care of.

But more than that, nah, it’s time to relax and count my blessings because, indeed, I am blessed.

I hope you take some time, too.

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