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Interview With a Client: Adrian Miller

I rely on my clients to give me insights into my business – real insights- based on their experience working with me and my team.

I find that this method of gathering information is the best way to get to the truth and based on what I learn, I can make necessary changes.

I think it keeps my team and me on our toes.

This is an interview with Adrian Miller, a client that we’ve had for years, and hope to keep for many years to come.

Adrian, of course you had insurance before you started to insure with Allstate. What prompted you to make a change?

I admit that I never really thought about making a switch. I followed the philosophy “if it’s not broken why change it” but after meeting and speaking with Christina Shaw, I realized there was no harm in having Allstate review my existing policy. They quickly got back to me and pointed out where I was paying more than I needed to but even more importantly, where I was vulnerable and needed protection. There was no hard sell, and our conversation was based on fact and information. They took the time and showed interest in me, even though they weren’t getting to insure someone in a huge mansion and with many cars and adult toys. I felt “heard” and important.

Now that you’re a customer, what has been your ongoing experience?

Well, I wish I didn’t have to say this but soon after I took out a policy, I had a minor fender bender. The team in Christina’s agency was fabulous. There’s nothing as humbling as having to make THAT CALL from the highway, and they were comforting and told me exactly what I had to do, and what they would be doing on their end. When I had further questions, they were responsive and helpful, and that’s when I knew I made the right decision to switch to them.

What do you like best or what do you wish you had more of when working with the Shaw Agency?

What I like more than anything is their responsiveness and proactivity. They’re the experts and will explain why I need something and help me to see the pros and cons. The truth is no one from my other agency ever reached out to me and I was insured by them for a very long time.

As for what else they could do, well, I suppose I could say I’d like to not pay for my insurance and I’m for free forever, but since that’s not happening, I don’t need or want anything more. I’m 100% satisfied.

Reading this interview made me feel so proud of my team and truly honored to have Adrian as a client.

My suggestion to all business owners is to do random interviews with your clients and get the inside story of why they stay with you and what they’d like you to do differently. (BTW, we got Adrian’s permission to send her the interview questions and she provided her responses – seen here - by email.)

The interviews could help you to retain more clients and, in the end, might be the best information you can get.

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