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In the Words of a Client

Do you survey your customers?

As a business owner, I always want to know what my clients think about my Agency and the service they receive.

Hearing their positive words is always a pleasure, but it’s even more important for me to find out if there are any areas we must improve and do things a bit differently.

The following is an interview we did with one of our clients. It’s not exactly Voice of Customer research, but it sheds some light on how our clients feel about working with us.

It’s a great exercise and I recommend it.

Approximately how long have you been a client of the Christina Shaw Agency?

I started working with Christina in April, 2017.

Assuming you already had insurance, what were the factors that prompted you to make a switch?

I never thought about switching, and adhered to my usual practice of “if it’s not broken, why fix it.” I used to see Christina at various business events and networking meetings, and while she was never pushy, she occasionally reminded me that she’d be happy to look at my policy to see if she could save me money or if I was all set with the right coverage at the best price.

I couldn’t turn that down and so one day I sent her my policy and that was that! Christina showed me how she could save me money, as well as improve my coverages so that I was better protected. It seemed like a win-win, and I decided to switch.

But, it wasn’t ONLY about money because I respect Christina immensely. Her reputation as someone that is very involved in the community and who is incredibly generous with her time, is what clinched it.

Have you had to file any claims since you’ve been a client?

Unfortunately, I had a minor fender bender, and the Agency team couldn’t have been easier to work with. Everyone I spoke with was responsive and caring, and helped me to take care of everything as simply as possible. I was very grateful because most of the time, you don’t know how responsive your insurance agency is going to be until you need to use them! And, if they don’t turn out to be as responsive or thorough as you would like, it’s too late!

What do you like most about working with the Christina Shaw Agency?

It’s a mixture of a lot of things. Saving money of course, but I also appreciate the fact that I know I can contact them with a question or problem and reach someone in the office that cares and is ready to help me. I like that they look at my policy every year and will make suggestions based upon my “current” situation. I appreciate that the Agency is very community-minded and philanthropic. I know that philosophy starts at the top with Christina, but I also believe that she hires team members that share her values.

Reading these words feels my heart with joy because I have set out to do exactly what my client expresses here.

Check in with your clients to take the pulse of your business.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

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