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I’m Getting Divorced. What Should I Do About My Insurance?

I hear ya, I walked in those very same shoes, but because of my business I was much more knowledgeable about insurance than many of the people I know. It’s a tough time because on top of the heavy emotions that are at play, you can find yourself juggling all of those things that must be juggled when a couple splits up, only to find out that there is yet one more thing that must get taken care of, and that’s, you guessed it, the insurance.

At a time when you might be feeling extra vulnerable financially, emotionally and mentally, dealing with the issue of insurance might seem like the tipping point.

It shouldn’t be. Here are a few things you should know:

There is no reason why you can’t keep your insurance with the same agency that insured you when you were married. We handle this type of situation with sensitivity and the upmost discretion. Our conversations with each party are private, and we will not reveal your thoughts or share any information unless we are given explicit approval to do so.

When the time is right, within your auto policy we will put one of the parties into a new auto policy, and the tenure of the policy will continue for both spouses. There is no need to worry about being protected.

With your property, the most important factor to consider is who is on the deed; often, the couple is divorced but will own the home until a child is 18 at which time they plan to sell. There are situations when one party will refinance the property and pay out the other party, and if agreeable to both parties, that can be a very effective solution. These are the circumstances are settled in the divorce agreement, and we can handle the insurance in pretty much every situation.

Having an insurance agent to turn to makes all the difference in the world. Buying insurance online can work out fine just as long as nothing changes, nothing happens, and you pay your premiums confident that you are properly insured.

But, if something happens like a divorce, fire, burglary, flood or accident, that’s when a trained, compassionate, and friendly agent that knows YOU can educate you, offer advice, and provide peace of mind and security that you are protected, and everything will be okay.

I’d say that is the most important thing of all especially when it seems like everything else is crazy and chaotic. Wouldn’t you agree?

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