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I’m a Marketer and Team Leader and Oh Yeah, I Sell Insurance Too!

What do you think of when someone asks you “what do you do” or you are given 30 seconds to introduce yourself at a networking event?

Do you fumble or try to include too much in your intro because you know you do so much more than what your “title” implies?

The truth is once I say my name and company (Allstate), most people automatically assume they know what I do and quite a few tune out right then feeling certain that they know exactly what I do.

It’s a tad discouraging to say the least; however, it IS what I do, and I must say that I love it with all my heart and soul. The privilege of helping people protect their biggest assets makes me feel good every day.

But that’s not ALL that I do, not in the least.

Yes, I do own an Allstate agency and sell insurance; that’s the short story. I’m also a marketer and a team leader, and that’s the second part of the story that not only provides endless enjoyment, but also is integral to the continued success of the agency.

Targeted and impactful marketing and business outreach are integral to my brand recognition in the marketplace. It didn’t happen overnight, and it surely wasn’t a result of “luck.”

Building my brand and cultivating my team is a work in progress and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t dedicate a certain amount of time to either or both. It’s ongoing and ever-changing and that makes it exciting and a challenge, too.

For instance, I’ve had to learn many aspects of marketing that I didn’t know before and even though I work with consultants and outside resources, I feel it is my responsibility to understand what they are doing and to be involved in the decision-making. It takes time and can be frustrating especially when I find that I don’t “get it” right away, but it’s worth the effort, and I feel much more in control of our growth and future.

As for being a team leader, well, that’s also a work in progress because I’m dealing with humans and their circumstances and needs are always changing. I’m confident that my success in building a successful team rests on the following:

· Hiring carefully

· Training diligently

· Coaching continuously

· Being honest, firm, and fair

· Recognizing and appreciating them

Our Allstate team family is cohesive and caring not only of the clients we service, but also of each other and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have created.

So, yes, I sell insurance, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this agency owner.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about “how I juggle it all.” I blog about that quite often but am happy to answer any specific questions you might have.

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