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I’ll Have Pumpkin Spice, Please

It’s “that” time, isn’t it?

We’re counting down to the end of the year when the holiday festivities kick in, Fall decorations are replaced by Christmas trees and Menorahs, and we find ourselves on the cusp of 2022.

I say we slow down! Yep, slow down.

It’s a cliché to say, “where has the time gone” and to moan about how quickly our kids are growing up, but we do have control over how we think about our time.

Our course, we can’t add another hour to the day or make the minutes pass by more slowly, BUT we can take the time to savor every minute and relish whatever it is we’re doing, rather than rushing through it. And that includes the things that we might find “annoying” at the moment.

Helping with homework, negotiating playdates, and taking extra time to select a special outfit for school should be appreciated for what they are – opportunities to bond with my girls.

Food shopping, errands, and chores can be looked at with gratitude because there are individuals that don’t have the ability to do these simple things.

Taking time to explain something to a client so that they are fully informed and comfortable with their decision provides a chance to do good (and so what if a few extra minutes were required).

It seems we live in a world where being busy and rushing around are signs of success and strength.

I’m starting to think that the slow lane is pretty darn nice. Right now, I’m going to savor my Starbucks and be grateful for having the opportunity to do so.

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