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I Don’t Want to Tempt Fate BUT Hurricane Season Starts on June 1st

It seems as if the months keep passing by faster and faster. I KNOW that school just started and here we are, talking about “end of the year” events.

I also know that snow days are finally done (!), Spring flowers are showing up everywhere, and unfortunately, we are now headed into “hurricane season.”

Every part of the country goes through climate or weather-related traumas. For the most part, tornadoes, blizzards, forest fires, and floods are not “typical” of my location, but hurricanes and rain and wind “events” most certainly are, and while not usually as severe as hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana, and the Caribbean, we get our fair share of damage.

Wind, rain, ocean, bay, and river surges can result in significant damage to your home with repairs ranging up to tens of thousands of dollars. You may also be forced out of your home and I know first-hand from the loss of my home in a house fire, how traumatic and financially devastating that experience can be.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the important thing is for you to be aware of what your homeowners policy covers, what additional coverages are available to you, and how you can best be protected. It’s VERY important to know that FLOOD INSURANCE IS NOT PART OF HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE.

I’m happy to answer questions but the plain truth is that none of us know what may come our way. I certainly never thought that I would have a house fire that would cause me to have to rebuild and start from scratch or that Superstorm Sandy would do significant damage years earlier.

Insurance doesn’t take away the stress and aggravation if an incident occurs, BUT it makes things easier as you navigate what will have to be your “new normal” for, at least, a short time.

I encourage you for your peace of mind and the security of your family, to check out your insurance and find out IF you have to make any changes.

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