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How to Make Your "Staycation" a Blast?

Most people that know me know that I love to travel. It doesn’t matter if the destination is near or far, I appreciate new sights and sounds, and experiencing different cultures, food, and music. Planning and anticipating the good times that lie ahead is always part of the pleasure.

But travel certainly wasn’t in the cards during the pandemic and even when the idea of getting on an airplane didn’t fill me with questions and anxiety, there were situations in the past when a trip wasn’t possible, but a “vacation” was sorely needed.

A staycation to the rescue!

Here’s what I do to make my staycations worthy of eager anticipation:

Many people use their staycation to catch up on chores and activities they haven’t had time to do, like renewing their driver’s license at Motor Vehicle.

Nah, I take a different approach. I use the time to do the things that I find pleasurable. For instance:

· Taking the girls to a special fun activity in NYC, like staying overnight in a hotel, seeing a show, etc.

· Taking a hike in a park or preserve that I haven’t yet explored or taking a longer hike in a place that I know and love because I have the time.

· Doing a yoga intensive.

· Scheduling a spa day.

· Going to lunch or dinner with family, friends or my partner and not watching the clock.

· Visiting a museum or two, keeping in mind that NYC has world-class museums that rival any arts institutions in the world

Day trips can make up a wonderful staycation. Do research to identify interesting destinations that are within a few hours of your house and plan to get the most out of your time.

My days are intense and filled with activity. The opportunity to curl up with a terrific book and be quiet, with all my devices turned off is indeed a vacation.

The key is to think about what works for YOU, and how you enjoy spending your time. If you don’t like to hike, then don’t, but I encourage you to not fill your staycation with activities that are on your “to-do” list but bring you little or no pleasure.

That’s no vacation at all!

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