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How to Integrate Your Personal and Professional Lives

It doesn’t much matter whether you call it work-life balance or work-life integration, you know it can be a challenge!

It takes work to achieve any sort of equilibrium but with some planning, it can certainly be accomplished.

I’m living proof of that!

Here are my thoughts on making it work:

Decide on your priorities and know they will change over time and with specific circumstances. Some things are non-negotiable and others, well, let’s just say that there is wiggle room and that’s just fine.

Involve your family and in my situation, my kids. They see me working, have peeked into Zoom meetings, participate in some of my volunteer activities, and have visited my office many times. I want them to understand that their Mom has a business and to get a close look at how I can successfully accommodate both facets of my life so that when they grow up if they want, they can do so too.

I’m not a techie but I use technology to help me save time and allow me to (almost) be in two places at once. I believe in “being in the moment” when I am with my girls, as well as when I am working, but there are times when there is a little spillover because of unusual circumstances.

Be flexible. You can make the best plans and then things fall apart. I think most of us learned that truth first-hand with the recent pandemic.

I stand with the concept of “you can have it all” with the caveat that maybe it’s not ALWAYS the way you 100% want it, but certainly comes very close.

I never thought that I would have to give up one aspect of my life for another and am blessed that I’ve been able to create a life that supports and nurtures both my family and my business.

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