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How to Enjoy the Holidays When You Are Part of a Blended Family

I love pretty much any holiday and am psyched that we’re heading into the best season of all with so many holidays coming in rapid succession.

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s, what a treasure trove of joy.

I’m part of a blended family and my Partner and his half of our family celebrate different holidays than my half.

I’ve learned a lot about his celebrations and am equally as excited for “his dates” as for my own, because they’re now “our dates.”

As with most things, making everything work in a blended family requires a few extra steps. It’s nothing too onerous, but it is worth mentioning here:

Being respectful is key. My partner and I respect each other’s religious and cultural heritages and honor our differences. Each of us has taken the time to get to understand our respective celebrations in a bit more depth and have come away with a great appreciation for what each bring to the table. (Latkes anyone?!)

We are “equal opportunity” celebrators and make certain that one holiday doesn’t get more attention than the other. No one has a reason to feel less important or recognized.

The kids come first, and we are always attentive to taking their lead. We find that if we show respect, then the kids naturally pick up on our cues. When it comes to the kids, it’s more about what they want, rather than what they need, and we both believe in showing a degree of self-control when it comes to gift buying.

I think our family situation has provided our children with a more enlightened perspective when it comes to accepting different religions and cultures.

In my mind that’s a good thing, and we will continue to find our way particularly as they get older and are more vocal themselves.

Just as long as everyone shows love, respect, and kindness for each other then everything is perfect.

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