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How to Effectively Juggle Work and Home During BTS (Back to School)

It’s almost Labor Day and you know what that means.

Pool parties, barbecues, softball games, 3-day mini vacations, AND back-to-school.

As ridiculous as it may feel, summer is ending.

I’m currently buying school supplies and new clothes for school, confirming carpools and bus routes, and making certain that my childcare and joint custody schedules will accommodate the new school year ahead.

This is always a frenetic time, and I admit that it can get overwhelming. My girls are happy and excited, but they are walking into the unknown and feel a bit of the pressure themselves. I work hard to remember this when things get a bit (ahem) out of hand at my house.

And, of course, business goes on. My clients don’t care that Staples is out of the EXACT binder that is on the school supply list, or that the much-coveted jeans don’t come in the right size. For me, the juggle between work and home is never as intense as in the early weeks of September.

Here's what I do and perhaps these ideas can work for you as well:

I try to keep everything in perspective. The uncertainty about the school year ahead and the emotions it brings forward will last for just a short amount of time, and then we are back to “normal.” These few weeks are just a blip on the calendar, and if I keep in mind this won't go on forever, I'm okay.

I try to get ahead of my work so that I don’t have last minute to-do’s that will get me anxious as well. This may mean that I must be creative about the hours I work, perhaps starting early or ending late, but always remembering that effective juggling requires give and take.

When emotions are running high, I take a walk on the beach, go for a jog, do some exercise or yoga. These activities help me to “get out of my own head” and keep me centered. If I see that my girls are having the same feelings, I’ll include them and the three of us will unwind as a family.

Whatever you do, remember that these years fly by in a flash, and friends of mine that have adult kids tell me they can remember back to school like it was yesterday. Most of them wish that it was.

Count your blessings if you are going through it now and enjoy the ride.

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