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How My Entrepreneurial Spirit Rubbed Off On My Youngest Daughter

As a single working Mom, I try to include my daughters in as much of my work as possible.

They’ve been in the room while I’m on a Zoom, have heard me take a call with a client or networking partner, and have participated in many of my volunteer events.

They know how passionate I am about my business and get to see, first-hand, my entrepreneurial drive and excitement.

So, it was no surprise that my younger daughter, at age 7, decided to upscale her involvement with the Girl Scout’s cookie drive.

Both of my daughters have been involved in this activity for years and last year my younger daughter sold 300 boxes.

While I help my girls, they spearhead much of the activity themselves and I encourage them to take the lead as much as possible. Their positive results tell the story, and they always have a good time and come away with a positive feeling about their efforts, but this year my older daughter decided that she was done. Other activities have taken precedence and I approved her decision.

I don’t know whether it was the fact that her older sister was no longer involved, or if it was my younger daughter’s constant drive to do more and do better, but this year she decided to double her goal and sell 600 boxes!

That’s a lot of cookies!

Ambitious though it is, she’s hard at work, and keeping her numbers in sight. She’s doing it, not only because she understands how important it is to raise the money, but she’s also doing it because of how competitive she is with herself.

Most entrepreneurs are fueled by an inner passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and I see that in my daughter.

I have no doubt that she’ll reach her goal and if she doesn’t, I think she’ll learn an important lesson, for what entrepreneur hasn’t at one time or another, set their sights too high and had to modify their goals moving forward.

I’ll keep you posted and, in the meantime, can I interest you in some Girl Scout cookies?

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